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When's the last time you lusted over a scooter? But I'll be perfectly honest: when I discovered the made-in-China connection, a certain past experience dampened my enthusiasm— despite the fact that Sachs has been in business over years.

Regardless, I decided to give the bike a chance by arranging a test ride through my local distributor, Big Ass Motors in Northridge.

It's easy to get acquainted with the MadAss ; the key goes into the left side of the headlight assembly, the carbureted single-cylinder cc engine fires up immediately, and a pull of the clutch lever and a click down into first gear gets the bike going— hey, wait a second, this thing's got a manual gearbox? Though that feature might alienate many traditional scooter fans, it does hold appeal for a whole different subset of riders, a point which could and should actually work to the MadAss's benefit.

To straddle a MadAssyou've got to climb aboard a saddle that's That's quite high off the ground, especially for a scooter.

Sachs MadAss 125cc Scooter for Sale

But the upsides of the tall perch are comfortable ergonomics that are almost chair-like, and more leg extension than you'll encounter on almost any two-wheeler, especially those within the scooter genre. Look closely and you might notice some sloppy welds and a couple of cheap looking details like the plastic switchgear. But there are also a few unusual elements like the digital instrumentation and stainless steel underseat exhaust.

I embarked on my test ride with a bit of aforementioned skepticism, so it was a big bummer when—about 10 minutes into the ride—the engine sputtered and the bike slowed to a crawl, eventually coming to a complete stop. After sending out a distress signal to the dealership one of several reasons why I always carry a cell phone when I ride! His diagnosis? I was out of gas. After a flip of the petcock, I had another 20 miles worth of fuel flowing from the reserve tank.

And though no official fuel economy figure has been released, numbers between 80 mpg and 90 mpg are being reported for the MadAss.

After a quick refuel, the MadAss proved to be a pleasure to ride through the hilly reaches of the San Fernando Valley. At full throttle in fourth gear, I achieved an indicated 55 mph on level ground, and around 59 mph on downhill stretches. Handling feels nimble, though the relaxed leg position puts the pegs somewhat close to pavement during hard leans, necessitating an inward foot posture to ensure there's no toe-to-asphalt contact in turns.

Brakes are powerful, and the presence of a rear disc is a welcome departure from the drum brakes found on a majority of scooters in the same class. Shift action is a bit notchy, but I suspect there's room for loosening up once a few more miles have been logged.

Incidentally, my test bike had more oil added to the fork and a rear suspension softened up during dealer prep, and though the ride quality felt a touch busy, the MadAss's responsiveness was a far preferable alternative to the nosediving issues that have been reported in other road tests. Considering that many scooters from major brands like Honda and Vespa are manufactured in emerging markets like China and Thailand, cross-shopping the Sachs MadAss against the big boys doesn't seem like such an outrageous notion after all… and in fact, choosing this steel-framed Scooter just might be a brilliant way to break from the crowd.

Though my time in the saddle of the Sachs MadAss was limited, I felt the ride revealed as much about my preconceived notions about Chinese-built products as it did the MadAss's positive attributes-- even if they're as yet unproven stateside.

I hope this unusual ride earns itself a slice of the U. Basem Wasef. Manufacturer's Site.

sachs scooter

Air-cooled, carbureted single-cylinder cc engine, producing approximately 11 hp Unofficial, estimated fuel economy: miles per gallon Four-speed manual transmission Stainless steel underseat exhaust Front hydraulic fork, rear pre-load adjustable monoshock Front and rear 16 inch aluminum wheels Seat height: Sachs was one of the biggest built-in engines producer of the world with headquarter and production sites in Germany see also Hercules.

The full name of the company that produced Sachs engines is ZF Sachs. The original manufacturers name is Herculesdue to lack of popularity in export markets the label Sachs or DKW were chosen. For example, the Balboa is very similar to the Hercules but with slight trim changes. The Sachs 50x series engine is known for its high rate of compression, ease of use, stability, and lack of case gasket. High compression is achieved though the unorthodox use of a combined cylinder and cylinder head.

Referred to as a cylinder jugthis can be a mixed blessing as it is difficult to clean carbon deposits at the top of the jug. Also, if a spark plug hole's threads are damaged and rendered unusable, the entire cylinder may need have the hole heilicoiled or worse, the entire cylinder might be scrapped.

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There are benefits to the engine with a relatively efficient clutch assembly that can be easily changed. The engine case is also split horizontally leading to no use for a case gasket as the transmission fluid sits below the seam of the engine case.

Also, interchangeable parts, cases, gears are used between manual and automatic models. The Sachs 50x series engine were available with 1 gear automatic transmissions mainly cheap mopeds and export2 gears, or as 3 gear manual transmissions. The engine could be ordered with incorporated pedal start, kick-start, handlebar gear-lever, or foot gear-lever.

Kick-started 3-gear engines are rare to find as production numbers were significantly lower than the popular 2-gear engines. The Sachs 50x series automatic engine also features a cable that engages not only the clutch but also a decompression valve.

This decompression valve can be bypassed by fabricating a new cable. Doing this can make the moped harder to start but takes the weak decompression valve out of the equation. The valve itself can be replaced by a bolt of the same size.

The most used solution in motors was a Bosch variant of the 3, 4, or 5 wire type that are compatable with Puch. The type of transmission fluid for the automatic engines used should be Type F automatic, filled to the bottom of the plastic screw on the transmission side of the engine. This screw is easily stripped or ruined but replacements are cheap and metal variants are available. Y is a number representing the amount of gears that the transmission contained.

In the United States, manual transmission engines were not allowed legally so, occasionally this number was omitted. Automatics are referred to as "1". In Europe 2, 3 and 4 speed manual engines were sold in a variety of applications. Some Sachs engines came with these identifiers, some did not.

sachs scooter

US distributed and engines use the following nomenclature to describe the engine configuration:. D has 2. Some mopeds such as Columbia Commuters, have no "Z" designation letter.

The A, B and C varieties all use the same 42 mm crankshaft to achieve displacement of The D is much more powerful with 2. This, and a shorter intake side piston skirt, gives the horsepower increase. Some cylinders also use a slightly different bolt pattern between the base mounting holes, so they cannot be easily interchanged. The does not have the pedal shaft running through the engine as the does. The flywheel on the is larger than the flywheel on the Crank shafts cannot be swapped between the two because of the larger flywheel on the Some s have a coaster brake like rear brake.

Inside the engine case there is a sprag set up that allows you to backpedal to use the rear brake.Moped sachs. Pinstriped by legendary "Big Daddy" Roth. It has 2 new tires and new inner tubesa new speedometer cable, a new throttle cable, a new clutch cable, and the carb has been rebuilt. It also has new rear shocks.

sachs scooter

Runs on premix. Runs good and all the lights are in working order. Runs 25 mph. I have a clear title for the bike. Call or text Mark if interested.

If the ad is u. Appear to be very complete. They have not been started or run in quite a few years, stored undercover.

Motorcycle Manuals PDF, Wiring Diagrams, DTC

Offered as found, we have not tinkered or altered them. Email or call landline. Both mopeds are unique. Help get these ass cracked crack heads D cylinder motor turns over very strong So if you want a nice light project moped for a good price get on the cell and call Asking Excellent condition. All replies with out a contact number will be deleted. If you are reading this ad, don't ask if its still available.

There are no mopeds out there like this! I am the second owner, the gentleman that owned it before me won this Hercules in at bingo night. It sat in the box until when he decided to use it for the first time.

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He put miles on it before he sold it to me.ZF Sachs AG produces powertrain and suspension components for vehicles, including superior shock absorbers and clutches. This German manufacturer of vehicle parts has more than 16, employees in 19 countries, producing high-quality products to keep vehicles running at their best.

Sachs was founded on Aug. It produced bicycle hubs and ball bearings, and the duo invented the freewheel for bicycles. From toSachs produced motors for bicycles, then evolved to producing them for motorbikes, snowmobiles, and finally small cars. Inthe company was sold and renamed ZF Sachs AG, and it began to focus solely on producing components for chassis and drivetrains for automobiles.

2010 Sachs MadAss 125 Scooter Review

Sachs specializes in clutches and shock absorbers for cars and commercial vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, vans, and buses. It has large catalogs full of products that will fit every type of vehicle and are held to the highest safety standards. The Sachs clutch kit for cars has an asbestos-free lining and includes a releasing device, clutch disc, and pressure plate.

It also offers a cover assembly for cars, a dual-mass flywheel, a visco fan clutch, commercial vehicle clutches, and a cover assembly for a tractor.

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All Sachs shock absorbers follow the Sachs Advantage, which means they are individually turned and stable for safety and superior road handling. In certain shock absorbers, groove technology adapts the absorption power for each vehicle. The shock absorbers are made to precisely suit each vehicle type.

The super touring shock absorbers are highly resistant to corrosion, highly reliable, and are resistant to wear. All of the products have long service lives, so the driver does not have to worry about breaking down on road trips.

Sachs Madass 125 Motorcycles for sale

The safety and comfort of these aftermarket parts is comparable to the parts in brand new vehicles. Sachs is determined to produce high-quality shock absorbers and clutches in the world of aftermarket auto parts.

Its parts are tested thoroughly via driving to ensure that they do not break or wear significantly over a short period of time. The company has a quality management system in place to improve products and maintain the standard of excellence that customers expect.

There is a system in place for processing complaints and using them to improve existing products or come up with replacements. All products must pass a rigorous inspection before being introduced to the well-known line and shipped off to workshops or suppliers to place on vehicles.I've created this to address the differences between the many different Sachs motors. I've focused on the 50 series moped motors, but some other manual and vertical cylinder moped motors exist - please feel free to add any additional details.

The " " symbol is put in place where different number designations may apply equally. Some of the other Sachs moped motor types are detailed here [1]. They're most common on the Sparta Foxi mopeds among other bikes. Notable differences include the use of a smaller flywheel and magneto, and the shorter case does NOT include the pedals within the motor. The clutches, seals, topends and internal gearing with the exception of the pedal drive gears are shared with the other motors.

The case is basically just a shortened version of the The crank does have a different taper on the flywheel side. The 's have a shoulder right after the area where the bearing and seal are, and then it's smaller from there. Alternately you could cut the case so the flywheel is out in the open. Then set timing accordingly. The has the same size large Bosch flywheels as the Puch mopeds, and the taper also matches so these can be interchanged. The includes a pedal mechanism within the motor and so the pedals drive the main gear and turn the rear wheel through just the one chain.

On most but not all motors, there's an internal back-pedal engagement which pulls a lever by the right crank arm to engage a coaster-brake when backpedaling. The clutches, cranks, seals, topends and internal gearing with the exception of the pedal drive gears are shared with the other motors.

Manual shift The 2 and 3 speed manual shift motors are slightly different. The cases are actually identical except for which of the holes are drilled out. The 2 and 3 speeds have a hole which is present on the 1's but undrilled on the top to allow the gear selector to pass through. They also have the starter cable hole in the transmission filled in, and instead have a manual clutch lever atop the transmission.

These also have a cable stop on the intakes for the clutch cable.Make Sachs. Model Madass. I am selling it because I am getting a car. I'm only allowed one vehicle at my apartment, so I have to sell. It's a great small starter bike and runs well. Huge number of aftermarket parts available.

A few minor scratches but generally in great shape. Make Other Makes. Model Sachs. This just may be the coolest, most economical two wheeler to come down the pike in years!

With a lower center of gravity than anything else on the road, the Sachs MadAss carves corners and navigates tight city streets with ease.

Sachs Motor Differences

Stopping on a dime is easy with massive disc brakes and heavy duty suspension. See the road ahead of you with blazing 55 watt H. Blast through potholes on 16" cast alloy wheels. The MadAss handles today's urban environment without a whimper. Oh yeah, and as far as being economical The Sachs MadAss is lightweighthigh milage fun!

Less than miles on the clock and many desirable modifications including cc big block and piston kit, modified exhaust for less restriction, high-flow air intake, and the carburetor tuning to make it all run smoothly. The stock speedometer was replaced when new with a Trail Tech Vapor electronic unit that is more accurate and easier to read. The bike has knobby enduro style tires in 3. The original shift lever has been replaced with a red aluminum lever that compliments the overall color scheme of the bike.

The front sprocket has been changed to a 17 tooth version which gives better low end performance than the stock 16 tooth. This bike is snappy off of the line and cruises in the at approximately 50mph the way it is setup currently, but speeds over 60 are achievable with minor modifications, or if I went on a diet.All rights reserved.

Sachs Motorcycles is a company founded in by Carl Marschutz which was initially known as Nurnberger Hercules-Werke. What's interesting is that the company had only eight employees in the first year of existence, all of them manufacturing bicycles. Eight years later, Sachs already employed persons, no less than 5, bicycles being launched in Moreover, Sachs started producing trucks with 1.

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Although the manufacturer started building bikes equipped with JAP, Moser and Bark engines inSachs migrated to three-wheel cars equipped with cc engine two years later. Pretty affected by World War II, the company tries to revive its production line and in Sachs re-begins building motorcycles with a workforce of 30 employees. As the time passed by, the company became more interested in motorcycles and it even managed to release a few models that quickly captured the attention of the industry.

For instance, inSachs came out with K50 while in the firm released the first bike in the world equipped with a Wankel engine. Moreover, inthe company signed an agreement with Daimler-Benz in order to produce the well-known Mercedes Hybrid Bike.

Besides these important milestones, the company has also recorded pretty important results when talking about the performance of the motorcycles. For example, Georg Dotterweich set a new world record inriding a 50cc motorcycle. Moreover, Sachs won several awards in the competitions it participated, including gold and silver medals. The MadAss is a bike available in two versions, 50cc and cc, available in multiple colors including silver, black yellow and grey, and equipped with under-seat silencer exhaust system and with digital dash.

InSachs Motorcycles moved in a new factory in Nuremberg and also introduced two new ATVs and a scooter, namely the 4rockthe 4rock and the cc Quattrocento.


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